SEMINAR by Caterina De Bacco

SEMINAR by Caterina De Bacco

Incorporating node attributes in community detection for multilayer networks

Wednesday 16th December 2020 14:30 Online on zoom @

Prof. Caterina De Bacco, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Tübingen, Germ


In this seminar we will show a new approach for community detection in multilayer and attributed networks.

The goal is to assign each network node to clusters by incorporating both the information carried by nodes’ attributes and the connectivity patterns in each layer.

This is a challenging inference task as one needs to properly combine two types of information and thus leverage the extent to which topological and attribute information contribute to the network’s partition.

Specifically, we incorporate nodes’ attributes into a probabilistic framework to uncover groups of nodes that are structurally close but also share some common characteristics.

We illustrate its behavior on synthetic and real data.


Max Planck Research Group Leader, leading the Physics for Inference and Optimization group, and a Faculty Member at the International Max Planck Research School for Intelligent Systems.

The group is part of the Cyber Valley Initiative.

Interested in understanding, optimizing and predicting relations between the microscopic and macroscopic properties of complex large-scale interacting systems.

Her approach research addresses application-oriented problems involving domain experts from different disciplines via developing models and algorithms derived from statistical physics principles.

Poster of the event

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