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International by design

MIME is completely taught in English and offers several international opportunities to enrolled students.


International diversity is a key feature of the course; it makes a point of offering opportunities for cultural exchange, while preparing students to become better global citizens, capable of successfully working in the global economy.


Moreover, it drives students through innovative technologies to solve societal challenges.

Our Team

Leonardo Badia

Game Theory

Federica Battisti

Digital Signal Processing

Marco Cagnazzo

Video coding, Compression and User Experience

Filippo Campagnaro

Programming for Telecommunications

Giancarlo Calvagno

Source Coding

Giulia Cisotto


Roberto Corvaja

Optical and Quantum Communications

Tomaso Erseghe

Network Science

Marco Giordani

Internet Technology

Nicola Laurenti

Information Security

Simone Milani

3D Augmented Reality

Luca Palmieri

Fiber Optics and Waveguides

Michele Rossi

Wireless Communications, Human Data Analysis

Marco Santagiustina

Antennas and Wireless Propagation

Stefano Tomasin

5G Systems

Lorenzo Vangelista

Internet of Things and Smart Cities

Andrea Zanella

Telecommunication networks

Pietro Zanuttigh

Computer Vision

Michele Zorzi

Stochastic Processes, Network Analysis and Simulation

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