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To fully cover all of the different specifical subjects that make up ICT, MIME allows the students to choose one among four different paths each relating to a broader field of ICT knowledge and applications and featuring two tracks.


Each track focuses on some specific issues and offers in-depth teachings to present students with variegated learning opportunities, preparing them to become leading experts in the selected field, all the while keeping an eye on working opportunities.

Path 1 – Telecommunications

The broader field of communications is tackled through two distinct and specific tracks, depending on the area of interest of the student:

Communication Technologies

The Communication Technologies track explores the core ICT subjects in full depth, tackling issues such as 5G/6G, WiFi and mm-Wave networks, digital transmission and coding, multiple antenna systems and signal processing for communications, thus preparing students for all the challenges they will meet when working in ICT. 

Smart Industry 4.0

The Smart Industry 4.0 track presents itself as cross-disciplinary, bringing together classical ICT subjects and novel trends in the fields of digital transmission, networking, signal processing, electromagnetism and the Internet of Things (IoT), with a special focus on their industrial applications. 

Path 2 – Cybersystems

Digital Information and its applications in designing new networks and digital art are tackled in two different tracks:

Internet and Security 

The Internet and Security track is specifically designed to bridge together the fields of software applications and computer networks when dealing with audio- and video-signals, offering in-depth teachings on how to develop the technology needed to provide society with the vast amount of digital information we access on a daily basis. 

Multimedia and Digital Arts

The Multimedia and Digital Arts track revolves around multimedia data production and processing in the booming field of digital arts; it merges the ICT issues of the field while offering various learning opportunities with a multidisciplinary outlook. 

Path 3 – Photonic and Quantum Engineering

Two different tracks cover the booming fields of Fiber Optics and Quantum information: 


The Photonics track is specifically designed to in-depth study of optics, information transportation via fiber optics, with an eye on physics: it engages students in fields such as electromagnetism, radio communications, fiber optics propagation and antenna design. 

Quantum Information

The Quantum Information track specifically investigates the cutting-edge field of Quantum Information technologies; this track prepares students to become leading experts in this newly opened engineering field. 

Path 4 – ICT for Life and Health

The two tracks devised to tackle the arising issues of applying ICT to human welfare and healthcare are:

Medical ICT

The Medical ICT track specifically prepares students to work in fields where ICT is applied to medical technologies related to the acquisition, transmission and processing of bio-signals, thus helping to improve human quality of life.

Machine Learning for Healthcare 

The Machine Learning for Healthcare track similarly tackles the issue of ICT applications in the healthcare field, but specifically focuses on the application of Machine-Learning (ML) to those technologies.

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