Life in Padova

Founded 800 years ago, with a current student population of more than 60,000, the University of Padova and the city as a whole offer students many services and opportunities, guaranteeing a formative and fun life experience. 


Padova is a thriving city located in the North-East of Italy, less than 40 km far from Venice.


Its university (founded in 1222), figures among the oldest in the world.


Out of 200 thousand inhabitants of the city, about one third are students.


Throughout its rich academic history, Padova hosted worldwide renowned professors such as Galileo Galilei, and eminent alumni like Elena Cornaro, the first woman to receive an academic degree from a university.


A dedicated public organization provides accommodation to students in need in various student residences located all around the city.


A dynamic house market grants the chance to find accommodations for the thousands of young people who move to Padova for studying every year, and advertisements on room and house availability are regularly posted on Internet socials and physical bulletin boards at the university sites. 

and Living

In Padova, most people, especially students, choose to move around the city by bike; this because the city, while offering all the opportunities of an important center, has a very human-friendly size. In fact, the most relevant places are all easily reachable within ten minutes biking.


Bike and scooter sharing services are available throughout the city.


Living costs may vary greatly, depending on the type of accommodation students prefer, and their overall standard of living: often, students prefer sharing flats or houses with other people, thus diminishing the monthly expense.


For more information on living costs in Padova, click on the link below.

University Services

Several services are provided by the University to improve the life experience of students enrolled.


Many canteens are located all over the city, in particular within walking distance from the Department of Information Engineering, serving a variety of food for all needs and tastes, for both lunch and dinner.


University libraries give students access to the most recent books and scientific journal publications; much importantly, students can access a rich offer of publications directly on-line.


Study rooms are available at the department of Information engineering and in several other locations in Padova, with extended opening hours (including during the weekend) to provide a quiet environment ideal for studying.


A sport center affiliated with the University offers courses for 15 sports and has sports facilities, offering affordable fees to interested students.

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