Fees / Scholarships

Tuition fees

The maximum annual fee amounts to 2600€, divided in three instalments.

Depending on students’ income, the fee can be waived down.

For further information see the Tuition fees page in the institutional Website of the University of Padova

Fee waivers

The University of Padova offers full tuition fee waivers to the best international students.


This possibility must be required when filling in the application form; it is easily done by indicating it in the proper box, but it is paramount that students chose it when applying for the first time, if they are interested in this possibility.


For further information see the fee waivers page on the institutional website.


At the University of Padova a total of 100 fee-waivers is assigned in the Early selection to international students holding any degree and enrolled in any course completely taught in English (click here for more information).

International Excellence Scholarship Program

The University of Padova offers a selected number of scholarships to highly talented international students.


The scholarship programme is highly selective. Prospective students can apply for the scholarship directly when filling their application form.


For further information see the Scholarships page on the institutional Website

Galileian School of Higher Education scholarships

The Galilean School of Higher Education is a school of excellence, named in honor of Galileo Galilei who taught in Padova from 1592 to 1610.


4 international students enrolled at the University of Padova are admitted each year through a competitive procedure.


In addition to their study program, selected students must attend some additional seminars and courses, and write an additional dissertation, on a subject different from their Final project and keep a qualified CGPA.


They are provided with free board and housing, language courses and tutoring, a 5000 Euro scholarship, and a reimbursement of travel expenses.

Infineon Scholarship

Infineon Technologies Italia S.r.l will award two scholarships of 5,000€ each, for a.y. 2020/21 to help deserving students continue their studies in the Second-cycle (Master’s) degree in “ICT for Internet and multimedia” (MIME).


The scholarships are awarded both to Italian and foreign students who are pre-enrolled in the Second-cycle (Master’s) degree course in “ICT for Internet and multimedia” at the University of Padova.


The deadline for the application is November 2th 2020, you can find all the details at www.unipd.it/premi-studio-studenti (Italian version) or www.unipd.it/en/awards (English version)

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