Prospective MIME students

Prospective MIME students should have a background in mathematics (calculus and statistics) and computer science and an interest in deepening their knowledge of the ICT world.


For example, a degree in computer science, telecommunications, electrical or biomedical engineering, or holding a Bachelor’s in mathematics, physics, or statistics is a suitable background for prospective students.

Background requirements

The ideal MIME candidate should have an adequate understanding of the following subjects: multivariable calculus, linear algebra, geometry, differential equations, Fourier, Laplace, Z transforms, linear time-invariant systems, probability and/or statistics, basic concepts of random processes, basic knowledge of computer science, computer architecture, and structured and object-oriented programming.


In particular, the Master’s courses are designed on the assumption that enrolled students already possess basic knowledge of telecommunications, namely, communication systems and networks, modulation and signals, electromagnetism, free and guided propagation.


Should some students not have experience in one of the aforementioned fields, if admitted to the program, they will be allowed to integrate their study plan with specific courses so as to fill any gaps in their preparation.

Language requirements

Prospective students are expected to have a knowledge of the English language that makes them able to understand complex texts on both concrete and abstract topics, including technical discussions in their field of specialization. This corresponds to receptive skills at the CEFR B2 level. To prove this level, students need to either:



We look for highly motivated and competent students.


To join MIME, students holding an Italian Bachelor’s degree must have obtained a degree of at least 84/110.


International students are evaluated by an Admission Committee to verify that an equivalent criterion applies.


Depending on the country, this translates into different minimum entry requirements on CGPA or percentage.


There is no maximum study gap, although embassies might refuse visa if it is too high.



We look for students with a solid scientific background.


To this aim, only students who obtained at least 50 ECTS credits in scientific subjects in their Bachelor’s will be admitted.


In the Italian system this formally corresponds to 50 credits in the following disciplines: algebra (MAT/02), geometry (MAT/03), mathematical analysis (MAT/05), probability and mathematical statistics (MAT/06), experimental physics (FIS/01), computer science (INF/01), information processing systems (ING-INF/05), telecommunications (ING-INF/03), and electromagnetic fields (ING-INF/02).


The Admission Committee verifies that an equivalent criterion applies to international students.

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