Internships and Projects

What about the Internship and the Final project?

All of the tracks entail two training activities, namely: 

Typically, the internship or research training are combined with the final project, to build a more complete training experience.


However, you may also keep the two activities separate and, for example, opt for an industrial internship or an academic research training experience on a certain topic and, then, change topic or location for the final project.

Combining the internship/research training
with the final project

How to

combine them?

Students will find many different types of internships/research training (In/RT) experiences; most of them can be combined with the final project (FP).


Students can choose the type of experience that best matches their expectations. Here are some examples:


It is strongly advised for students to only begin their internship or research training and final project after passing all (or, at least, most) of the exams, so as not to risk losing time.


Normally, students can start looking for the available options a few weeks before their last exams, typically in the spring semester. It is however possible to get involved much earlier with a specific research group or company and start working on a certain subject while still attending courses and preparing exams, should the student feel so inclined; however, it is wise not to neglect or delay exams.


Finally, students should be aware that some proposals are valid only for a specific period of time, while others are more open and flexible

How to proceed

Students interested in an experience in academia can contact the Professor/Researcher that is responsible for the topic of choice to inquire about any available options.

Note that some faculties are in contact with other institutions/companies abroad that may host students for their final project.

To find an internship in a company, on the other hand, students can browse our Internship book in the e-learning MIME Webpage (access restricted to enrolled students) for the offers from accredited companies.

Students can also contact a company on their own. However, before starting the internship, they must find a professor available to be their supervisor, then follow the procedure reported here to register the company with our university. 

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