Srikanth – from India to MIME
(with a beautiful music playlist)



student at MIME 2018

Here’s what I’ve found at the University of Padova

Once a great person said, “you laugh, you cry, you scream and shout at the world, if you are with a good company”.


Moving away from home and living in a complete new world and to sustain along is difficult but, Italy says a “BIG NO!!”, they welcome people with a smile and treat you wholeheartedly, suggest you what to do and give you a great company.


I am Srikanth and here’s my journey with University of Padova, completing my bachelors in Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University-Hyderabad, I started working for Google and Facebook for 3 years, Later I realized what I was missing some things and was wondering where I should move to learn them, to all these things after a great homework I had to choose UNIPD not just because of its history but also the confidence that it would make me a person which I am supposed to and it never disappointed.


I like the hands-on approach of the courses at UNIPD because it has taken my learning beyond theory.


I have learnt to apply my knowledge through experiences like giving presentations, working in teams, and active involvement in our tutorials.


I feel better prepared to get into the workforce because of it. I also like that our lecturers use real-life examples in their teaching and the fact that lectures are held twice at different times.


The professors invests a lot in students; they really look after us. They make our hands dirty by exploring things ourselves, and later when we try applying them to connect the dots in our life they make a beautiful picture.


I love the environment here – the University is centrally located and has beautiful green parks and great places to relax and to have coffee.


I’ve met so many nice people here. The experience has broadened my horizon and really changed my view about many things.


Onsite visits, On campus talks with different companies, move abroad and get double degree, what not, they gave me plenty of resources to mould even better every day.


My advice to prospective students is that, when you come here, don’t be afraid to venture out and join clubs and societies.


You will experience living amongst people from many nationalities and make lifelong friends.


As an artist myself this place has given me many opportunities to explore and invest my talent in it.


Coming here was the best decision I’ve made so far.


Maybe this is all a boring story to you, but my university taught me to give another appeal if you are not satisfied, so since one of my greatest passions is music, here’s a beautiful set of another story, sit-back, relax and enjoy this 1 hour journey!


(by clicking on the link, you’ll be sent to, where you will find the playlist Srikanth prepared for you)

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