Matteo talks about his internship experience @REPLY

his experience @REPLY


My experience at Reply as a step forward towards a technology at the service of human being

His name is Matteo Ciprian and he is a Telecommunication Engineering student.


His studies led him to start an internship at Healthy Reply (which belongs to the Reply Group and it is specialized in Digital Healthcare).


During his internship he was focusing on a module of Ticuro Reply, a digital platform created by Healthy to allow medical and behavioral monitoring in IoT and IoMT environment. Specifically, he was involved in “Elderly Care project”.


He was interviewed by Medium about his project and his experience. In his interview, Matteo explains that he got interested in the field of Telemedicine and IoT somehow as a natural path during his studies:


My academic background is focused on Internet of Things and Signal Processing, which it can be summed-up as “coming up with a way to transmit and to get information through sensors” This is basically the goal of Telemedicine.


Furthermore, he also thinks that, thanks to this field of study, he can use his skills to help people:


Working in this field gives me the opportunity of exploiting my knowledge and my skills for a direct improvement of someone else’s life.


On some level, this can be seen as an ethical reason.


When asked about his project, he explains:


My project deals with Behavioural Monitoring of patients in a smart home scenario. […] What I am trying to do is developing a software based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to use this information to “trace” the everyday behaviour of the patient.


So that, when the detected behaviour deviates too much from the usual pattern, we are able to spot an anomaly that launches an alarm to Ticuro, which advises an external operator about what is happening.


This way, elderly patients can be permanently monitored and it is then possible to notice unusual behaviours, maybe triggered by an anomalous event such as a fall, loss of consciousness or other health problems.


Matteo also shared some tips for the student who might be interested in this field, saying:


I would suggest to take a Machine Learning/ Statistical Learning course because it is a fundamental step if you want to work on this field.


From a practical point of view, I think that learning Python is essential nowadays. Basically, 95% of the tools used in Machine Learning are implemented in this programming language.


In the rest of the interview Matteo talks about what he learned during his experience at Reply and about his future prospects in the field.

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