Izza – her experience as an international student

student at MIME 2018

Here’s my experience at the University of Padova

Hi! I am Izza, currently enrolled as an international student in the Masters degree at University of Padua.


I demonstrate my stay here as challenging, fulfilling and rewarding.


Sometimes it is difficult to manage social life with studies which makes it challenging but rewarding indeed.


I graduated from top ranked university of Pakistan and I was looking forward to get admission in a good ranked university which could help me to excel in my field.


I came across university of Padua and it is one of the oldest universities of Italy and lies among top 300 universities of the world.


I did research on ICT for internet and multimedia and found that my interest lied in Telecommunication Engineering.


There were some fears I had at the time of taking this decision.


I was questioning myself if it is good enough to go for it or not. I had fear of going to a new place, change of culture and academic system.


Than I made up my mind to just give it a try. So here I am, i think this is one of the best decisions of my life to choose the University of Padua.


I found everyone really helping and kind here.


Professors have really good attitude towards international students.


I became friends with some Italians and international students within few days and they helped me to reach my full potential.


I find everyday really interesting here as there are a lot of activities going on.


I did not find it challenging to enjoy events because they were in English also which is a positive image toward international students.


Culture of Italy is really vast. It has really positive influence on me. It is a really beautiful country.


There are many beautiful places for travelling too. I love the location of the department.


It is just beside the river and this place is full of life.

I spend a lot of time sitting there sometimes studying and sometimes just to relax.


Padua is a worth living place, so calm and so peaceful.


It makes me fall in love with this place more and more. It feels like home.


Being a female I always find myself enjoying and living without any social pressure.


I like to suggest this university to international students because I think this is the most suitable university in terms of academics and social life.


I didn’t find myself stuck during my one year of stay in UNIPD and that makes it a best choice.

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