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via Brusa 6, Bodio
Lomnago (VA) 21020

University contact

Andrea Zanella/Carlo Fantozzi

Type of internship

Internship & Final project

Project 1
Remote Rehabilitation service for physiotherapy

Activity : The student will be engaged in the analysis, design and development of a suite for remote rehabilitation, with audio and video communications between the medical operator and patients and reproduction of additional video content on the side of the patient.


This utility will be integrated in our platform for rehabilitation and will therefore need to be developed with a compatible.

Required skills: The student should have a firm grasp of web development, experience with frontend frameworks such as Angular is highly desirable.

Language skills: The student interested in this project will be able to communicate with collaborators in Italian or English without preference for one language or the other.

Period: open

Available positions: 1

Project 2
Neurocognitive Training for Alzheimer

Type of internship: Internship

Activity: In a multidisciplinary development team the student will be required to support the procurement, preprocess and import of multimedia assets.

These assets will be used as stimuli for neurocognitive training and the student will also have to collect the requirements and desiderata from the medical team representing the final client.

Required skills : The student should have effective communication skills.

Experience in manipulating audio, video and graphic content is desirable, as well as a generic knowledge of SQL.

Language skills: The student interested in this project must be able to interact with others in Italian with a high degree of proficiency.

Period: February 2021 – May 2021, a minimum of 2 months of commitment

Available positions: 1

Support: All work will be done remotely, but as sometimes we’ll need to hold in person meetings, we will cover travel expenses.

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