Useful addresses

General Inquiries

Contact Address of the MIME Degree

International Admission

Inquiries about international openings

International Office

Helping international students in Padova

Students Office

Helping students at the Department

Michele Zorzi

Chair of the Degree Course Teachers' Council

Leonardo Badia

Responsible for Double Degrees

Giancarlo Calvagno

Responsible for students with special needs

Simone Milani

Responsible for students' Personal Study Plan

Luca Palmieri

Responsible for students' Personal Study Plan

Stefano Tomasin

Responsible for Erasmus+

Andrea Zanella

Responsible for Internships

Psychological Assistance

Psychological assistance service in Padova

Sara Brugnerotto

MIME`s Teaching Manager

Tutor / Sara Bordin

Available only via e-mail

Tutor / Silvia Zampato

Available only via e-mail

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