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11.07.2019 News

Summer PhD School of Information Engineering (SSIE) 2019

The 29th Summer PhD School of Information Engineering (SSIE) will take place in Brixen, Italy,...

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18.06.2019 News

ICT Consulting S.p.A. open positions in Milan

ICT Consulting S.p.A., Italian strategy consulting company working in telecommunications and...

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18.06.2019 News

Workshop NavSpace2019

The university of Padova will hold 3rd workshop "Space Robustness & Assurance" (NavSpace2019) on...

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11.06.2019 News


The INFINEON BEST STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP is Now open!     The University of Padova, together with...

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12.04.2019 News

Rebuilding the past - Augmented reality for the Iron Age

A new interesting project for our department and MIME.   The project is named "Rebuilding the...

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18.03.2019 News

Human Data Analytics - Course Project 2018/2019

This is a short video showcasing a course project from the new MS level course Human Data...

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26.02.2019 Internships

Internship @ NOKIA (France) II

Company: Nokia Bell Labs Address: Standardization Research Lab, Paris-Saclay, France University...

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25.02.2019 Internships

Internship @ NOKIA Bell Labs (France)

Company: Nokia Bell Labs Address: Standardization Research Lab, Paris-Saclay, France University...

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09.02.2019 Internships

Internship @ Milkman (Verona)

Company: Milkman S.p.A. Address: Via Schiaparelli, 7/B, 37135 Verona (VR) University...

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28.01.2019 Internships

Internship @ Unipd (Padova)

Company: Università degli Studi di Padova  University contact: Prof. Andrea Zanella (see his...

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15.01.2019 News

SEMINAR by Luca Guerrieri

Dear students,  you're all invited to the seminar: Digital Forensics Services by Luca...

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10.01.2019 Success Stories

Matteo talks about his internship experience @REPLY

His name is Matteo Ciprian and he is a Telecommunication Engineering student. His studies led...

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08.01.2019 News

International Applications are open!

International applicantions for 2019 intake are now officially open!    Are you a student...

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17.12.2018 News

SEMINAR by Dr. Daniele Munaretto

Telco at the Edge Cloud: the bridge to 5G by Dr. Daniele Munaretto  /  Senior System Manager at...

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12.12.2018 Success Stories

Alessandro gets the first "Double Degree" from Padova and Taipei

The first student that completed the Double Degree program between Padova and Taipei is the...

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10.12.2018 News

SEMINAR by Lorenzo Badia

Role of transmission modeling in HIV and viral hepatitis research by Dr. Lorenzo Badia, ID...

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03.12.2018 News

2 SEMINARS by Stefan Valentin

Prof. Stefan Valentin from University of Darmstadt will be our guest on Monday December 3,...

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29.11.2018 News

SEMINAR by Dr. Ashutosh Dutta

Security in SDN/NFV and 5G Networks – Opportunities and Challenges By Dr. Ashutosh Dutta Johns...

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19.11.2018 Internships

Internship @ BlueWind (Castelfranco Veneto)

Company: Bluewind srl Address: via della Borsa 16/A, 31033 Castelfranco Veneto (TREVISO)...

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14.11.2018 News

SEMINAR - Accademia Galileiana

XVIII Seminario di Tecnologie dell'Informazione ICT for Earth Wednesday, November 16, 4 PM, Sala...

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26.10.2018 News

SEMINAR by Professor Al Faruque

Cross-Domain Security Issues of Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems by Professor Mohammad Al...

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19.10.2018 News

MIME social event: trip to Ferrara and Salama da Sugo tasting

Last Friday, many MIME students took an evening trip from Padova to the province of Ferrara, in...

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15.10.2018 News

SEMINAR by Deniz Gündüz

Learn to Communicate - Communicate to Learn by Deniz Gunduz - Imperial College London Thursday,...

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11.10.2018 News

MIME tutors are ready to help you!

The courses just started. Since deciding what is the best choice for you to attend during the...

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03.10.2018 Success Stories

Congratulations to Lorenza

The Master's degree in ICT for Internet and Multimedia (MIME) is celebrating its first graduate!...

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01.10.2018 News


In October 2018, a  SIGNET research team, namely professors Michele Rossi, Andrea Zanella and...

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28.09.2018 Internships

Internship @ MIDA Solutions (Padova)

Company: Mida Solutions s.r.l. Address: Via San Crispino, 46 - 35129 Padova University...

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25.09.2018 News

MIME at Venetonight 2018!  

  Friday night, September 28th, all around Europe, researchers and scientists are taking to the...

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13.09.2018 News

What about the 5G course?

5G is the new generation of cellular mobile communications. It succeeds the 4G (LTE/WiMax), and...

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09.09.2018 News


The INFINEON BEST STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP is Now open!     The University of Padova, together with...

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30.08.2018 Internships

Internship @ ADANT (Padova)

Company: Adant Technologies Inc Address: Corso Stati Uniti 18B - Padova University...

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26.07.2018 Internships

Internship @ STT (Verona)

Company: STT Servizi Telematici Telefonici S.r.l. Address: Via Germania, 11/A - 37136 Verona...

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17.07.2018 Internships

Internship @ BFT (Vicenza)

Company: Bft S.p.A Address: Via Lago di Vico 44, 36015 Schio (VI) University contact: Prof....

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08.07.2018 Internships

Internship @ BIP (Milan)

Company: Business Integration Partners SpA Address: Piazza San Babila 5, 20122 Milano University...

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04.07.2018 News

SEMINAR by M. Scalora

Professor De Ceglia is glad to invite you all on Tuesday, July 10th, at the seminar held by Dr....

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02.07.2018 Internships

Internship @ Athonet (Vicenza)

Company: Athonet  Address: Via Ca' Del Luogo 6, Bolzano Vicentino, 36050 University contact:...

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27.06.2018 News

It's time to enroll!

Enrolments for 2018 intake are now open also for Italian students!  Are you considering pursuing...

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25.06.2018 Internships

Internship @ INFINEON (Padova)

Company: Infineon Technologies   Address: Via Tommaseo 65/B Padova   University contact: Prof....

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24.06.2018 Internships

Internship @ CEIT (Ferrara)

Company: CEIT SPA Address: Via Erasmo da Rotterdam, 10 - 44122 Ferrara University contact: Prof....

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22.06.2018 News

Summer PhD School of Information Engineering (SSIE)

the Summer PhD School of Information Engineering (SSIE) will take place in Brixen, Italy, at the...

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20.06.2018 Success Stories

Izza - her experience as an international student

Hi! I am Izza, currently enrolled as an international student in the Masters degree at...

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19.06.2018 News

SEMINAR by Nicolò Michelusi

Energy Efficient Adaptive beam alignment & beam design for 5G Millimeter-wave networks by Nicolò...

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18.06.2018 News

Welcome to this brand new website!

Hi everybody! the MIME team is very proud to present this new tool that will keep students,...

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17.06.2018 Internships

Internship @ CALEARO (Vicenza)

Company: Calearo Antenne s.p.a. Address: Via Bacchiglione, 49, Isola Vicentina (VI) - ITALY...

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10.06.2018 Success Stories

Srikanth - from India to MIME (with a beautiful music playlist)

Once a great person said, “you laugh, you cry, you scream and shout at the world, if you are...

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02.05.2018 News

International Admissions JUNE 12

MIME offers unlimited positions to students holding a foreign bachelor degree that are EU...

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02.05.2018 Success Stories

Mattia - graduated in 2017

My name is Mattia Carpin, I'm 27 years old, and I graduated from University of Padova two years...

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02.05.2018 Internships

Internships @ MIME

Browse our blog by looking for the category INTERNSHIPS to see the current offer of accredited...

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02.05.2018 Success Stories

Alessandro and his Double Degree

When I decided to enroll in Telecommunication engineering, I could not even imagine the...

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24.03.2018 News

DreamShip: Immersive technology in the Silicon Valley

On April 24, 2019 at 16:00, Hannah Luxenberg gave the talk: "DreamShip: Immersive technology in...

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24.03.2018 News

MIME at the Canary Islands

The University of Las Palmas in Gran Canaria (ULPGC) has a long-standing tradition of...

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Schedule of classes - 2nd semester 17/18

The second semester is here and the classes begin this week! Download the schedules at the link...

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Schedule of classes - 1st semester 17/18

The first semester is here and the classes begin this week! Download the schedules at the link below

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