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telecomm-icon.png Telecommunications

The “Telecommunications” curriculum brings together classical subjects and novel trends in the fields of digital transmission, networking, signal processing, and electromagnetism. This curriculum is highly flexible and does not entail any mandatory subjects, so as to let you draw your path towards countless applications of communication engineering, Internet, and multimedia
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cyber.png Cybersystems

The “Cybersystems” curriculum revolves around network scenarios where computing applications meet the real world, and everything is connected over the Internet. Its fields include the cyberspace (online social networks, web applications, big data), cyberservices (the Internet of things, smart cities, the cloud), and cybersecurity (cryptography, digital forensics)
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photonics_icon.png Photonics

Optical, quantum, and nanoscale technologies are investigated within the “Photonics” curriculum. They are expected to revolutionize not only communication systems, which need to exchange immense loads of data every millisecond, but also other digital application scenarios such as quantum computing, medical sensing, renewable energy production
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icon_life&health.png Life & Health

The curriculum of ICT for “Life & Health” provides competences to apply information technology to human-centric contexts. Scenarios of special interest are medical networking applications, signal processing for bioimaging, neurosciences, eHealth / mHealth, physical rehabilitation, and every other field where ICT applications can lead to improved quality of life
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