Travel safe in the ICT district: now with onboard WiFi!


Communications route

This route was the first one built, and a great breakthrough back then, allowing unprecedented fast connections. Do not think of rusty old trains though, now all coaches are refurnished - with onboard wireless connectivity! Perfectly designed trains commute between many classical and revolutionary techniques for information processing and sharing. You can leave from Morse Heights, go to Shannon Plaza, and reach up to Marconi Gardens
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Internet route

A former military railway, this is now the heavy duty transportation line of the entire system, and during rush hours it is traversed by two petabits per second of traffic, expected to double in the next three years. You can start your journey over this route from the highly trafficked Euler Road and get out at the TCP building, until you reach the web of alleys around Berners-Lee square: this route is really connecting a lot of things!
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Multimedia route

This route is mostly used to reach the Augmented Reality Amusement Park, but can also lead to the Imaging Theater or the Center for Robotics. All these destinations are easier to access with the Fourier Transfer Card. Coaches have video and music entertainment provided onboard, and seats are very large to accommodate loads of personal effects. Many trains on this line are autonomously driven by powerful machine learning engines
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Data analytics route

This route goes through the Business district, connecting together headquartiers of different firms: pharmaceutical, financial, energy management, and public enterprises. The schedule of trains over this route is intense, and not always easy to read; therefore, you need systematic ways to extract the direction where to go. Access to the recently opened Human data station is established through hyper-secure biometric scans
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Quality of life route

The Medical district is connected to all other ICT disciplines by this route. You can leave from the Telemedicine center, and reach the Institute for Genomics or the Neuroscience Division. Inside the trains of this route, the liveability of coaches is constantly monitored and improved by state-of-the-art sensing technologies, and all the stations are specifically designed to improve the experience of passengers with disabilties
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Nanotechnologies route

Light-speed trains travel over this route, which connects all of the most advanced facilities in the Industrial district. You can start your journey from Maxwell Avenue and reach the Quantum laboratories, passing by the Photovoltaic plants. At the stations of this route you can also be impressed by technological wonders: for example, you can admire lightning systems entirely built with fiber optics, or taste organic agrifood examined by molecular photonics
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Security route

This route connects several safe keeping bureaus, starting from the newly opened terminal at the Police Department of Digital Forensics, and passing through the Privacy and Data Protection Offices, as well as the RSA Agency. The route also connects the Mathematical Center for Cryptography and the GNSS satellite launch base. Do not try anything crazy while riding this line, because surveillance is really pervasive
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